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Our Services

  • Our Services include the following:

    • Property Marketing
    • Property Management
    • Property Maintenance
    • Project Finance
    • Property Investment
    • Joint Venture

    Our experience spans the complete Properties spectrum from branded to independent to lifestyle & country house Towers. Moreover these services are provided by dedicated group of experts who are assisted by Bluescape's specialized Management & Maintenance located in Bahrain.

    The mantra at Bluescape is to produce customer value of a higher order. Our clients bank on our resources, expertise and knowledge to increase the long-term value of their properties. Our role enlightens us with the best practices, which help reduce operating costs while improving service. Bluescape Hospitality Management Services deliver cost-effective assistance that will enhance asset value and maximize returns to investors.

    Bluescape is also positioned to act as an operator on repositioned, distressed or for enclosed assets until the owner's ultimate goals are met.

    We always seek ways to reduce staffing requirements, cross-train staff, reduce the overall general and administrative expense, and explore opportunities for centralizing some functions while at the same time distributing other functions more widely.

    Bluescape is recognized as one of the premiere management in this segment. Select-service and extended-stay properties gain advantages through management efforts tailored to the opportunity.

    We are successfully managing 5 Towers in different locations of Bahrain and our proven track record includes excellent results with successful market share.

    Where your operation is weak, Bluescape will repair, strengthen and improve it with these tools: